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Welcome to my personal website, where I have made a portfolio of my most recent work on Simpson College’s student newspaper, the Simpsonian, of which I am the current editor-in-chief. I also have clips from my internship at The N’West Iowa Review newspaper in Sheldon, Iowa from summer 2018.

Also on my website is a series of blog posts I wrote about issues related to mental health and mental illness for a social media class during spring 2018.  I chose the topic of mental health to dovetail with my internship at the National Alliance on Mental Illness Iowa during that same time period.

I graduate from Simpson on May 4, with a degree in Multimedia Journalism and Spanish and am looking for full-time work in multimedia communication. I believe my combination of work on the Simpsonian and at NAMI Iowa and the N’West Iowa Review qualifies me for a range of news-reporting jobs or other communication-related work.

Working on the Simpsonian has equipped me with strong writing and editing skills. As a reporter, I regularly interview sources and conduct background research to write informative yet engaging stories related to the college and surrounding area. As editor-in-chief, I keep track of recent events on campus and oversee our weekly publication process. I also help edit stories for AP style, grammar, spelling, sentence structure, accuracy and flow.

During my time as editor-in-chief, the Simpsonian has broken several stories related to the college’s decision to eliminate multiple faculty positions. I also co-wrote a story with my news editor that detailed how the college violated national standards by eliminating some tenured positions. Additionally, as editor-in-chief, I co-moderated a political debate between the candidates for Iowa Senate District 13 during the 2018 midterm election. 

I’ve included my resume and a list of professional references in the downloadable links embedded in the images below:

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