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I created this web blog to share my thoughts on the latest news related to mental health care and awareness as I intern with NAMI Iowa this spring.

Part of the reason I chose to apply for this internship is because of my growing interest in the state of mental health at Simpson College and around Iowa. Last fall, a few other reporters and I collaborated on a story for the Simpsonian about this very topic.

One of the most impactful stories of mental illness last year was that of Sergei Neubauer, an 18-year-old man who took his life after suffering from both depression and post-traumatic stress disorder. News of Neubauer’s death acted as a wake-up call to Iowa lawmakers, leading to the 2018 gubernatorial candidates holding a forum dedicated to discussing solutions for Iowa’s inadequate mental health care system.

As the 2018 Iowa legislative session kicks into gear, NAMI Iowa will be doing its part to urge lawmakers to take meaningful action to improve the accessibility and quality of mental health care provided in the state.

While much of my analysis on this site will be dedicated to talking about mental health and my work with NAMI Iowa, I will also offer my thoughts on current events that are of interest to me and hopefully you all as well.

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